Embracing the plant-based lifestyle in Malaysia

Where Do I Get My Protein From?

Where Do I Get My Protein From?

With this question being so prevalent, it was inevitable for me to make this video!
Truth be told, this was just a video to test the waters on Facebook. My uploads were going straight to Youtube with a lukewarm response.

“Just put up a simple video on Facebook,” suggested a friend who was in the social media marketing line, “and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, then all good. But you’ve got nothing to lose. It’s worth a shot!”

I had this idea brewing in my head for a while. I bought a whole bunch of groceries and dug out all the protein-based foods I had in my cupboards, lined them all up on the kitchen floor, got the camera out and started shooting. My friend was right: although I didn’t realize until later that the video was out of focus, I had a lot of fun with it, and it would have been informational for my friends who were curious about my diet anyway.

I uploaded it and within a couple of weeks, it hit 14k views.

It even caught the attention of PETA Asia!

No prizes for guessing where all my videos are being uploaded since!

I owe a lot to this video for boosting my efforts in the plant-based movement in Malaysia.

I still get asked what my protein sources are, and now I’ve got a video to do all the explaining for me!

If you aren’t a vegan, this not to be taken as a comprehensive nutritional guide, but to give you an idea of where you can start with building your meals.

And if you are a vegan, feel free to share this as an instant answer to this million-dollar question!

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