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3-Ingredient Jackfruit Sorbet

3-Ingredient Jackfruit Sorbet

It has been so long since Malaysia, famous for its colourful array of festivities all year round, got into the festive spirit. With Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the country easing up, it looks like whatever cooking skills that were picked up during the height of the pandemic won’t be put to as much use anymore! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to make great food from home.

With all the time now spent catching up on lost time with loved ones this Aidilfitri, I have just the dessert that doesn’t need a complicated shopping list, fancy equipment, nor hours of toil. Although I dare say that it tastes like it does.

On a mission to manage my own sweet cravings, as well as celebrate one of my most favourite tropical fruits, this recipe is low fat, melt-in-your-mouth refreshing, bursting with natural sweetness, and is just the thing to wrap up an indulgent meal.

There are two ways to handle this recipe. One is to start out with frozen cut fruit (except for the jackfruit). This is recommended if you have time to prep the cut frozen fruits on a free day. This shortens the freezing time of the sorbet itself. This is the method featured in the recipe.

The second method is to blend all ingredients fresh. This will take a few more hours to set, and may have an icier mouthfeel. You’ll need to find out for your own freezer size and settings how long it would take for your sorbet to harden. I find that the final result of either method don’t differ all that much for it to be a decision that you’d need to sleep on.

Seriously, anyone who tries this cool delight would not believe how easy it is to put together. Even I myself glared at my first spoonful yelling out, “How? HOW?”

This dessert needs no additional flavours and can be served on its own to showcase the unique taste profile of jackfruit.

But if you so wish, you can incorporate complementary flavours like mint, coconut flakes, lime rind and cut tropical fruits like pineapple and papaya. You’re welcome to double or triple up the recipe if you need to.

Wishing all of my Muslim friends a beautiful, well-deserved reunion with your loved ones this Aidilfitri. Tips on keeping the festivities healthy can be found here!

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3-Ingredient Jackfruit Sorbet

April 29, 2022
: 2-3
: 3 hr 15 min
: Easy Peasy

Celebrating the unique taste profile of ripe jackfruit, this sorbet is low fat, melt-in-your-mouth refreshing, bursting with natural sweetness, and is just the thing to wrap up an indulgent meal


  • Flesh of about 6 pieces of fresh ripe jackfruit (200g)
  • 200g banana slices, frozen
  • 100g mango cubes. frozen
  • Step 1 In a blender, blend all ingredients until evenly combined. This may take a little time. Take breaks often to push the ingredients down towards the blades using a spatula.
  • Step 2 Pour out mixture into a freeze-friendly container, or a baking tray lined with baking paper. Even out the distribution across the container or pan with the spatula.
  • Step 3 Place in the freezer and freeze for about 3 hours, this time may vary, depending on the temperature of your freezer.
  • Step 4 After freezing, remove from freezer and serve immediately with optional garnish or chopped fruit. The texture of a sorbet that is ready to eat is scoopable with a spoon and holds its shape. If it is too soft, leave to freeze for 1-2 more hours. If it is too hard, leave out on a kitchen counter for 10-15 minutes to thaw before trying to scoop again.

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