Embracing the plant-based lifestyle in Malaysia

Curiosity: A Vegan’s Greatest Tool

Curiosity: A Vegan’s Greatest Tool

When people ask me how to get started on the plant-based lifestyle. I would say the usual: start slowly, take your time, get educated, find your tribe, find your purpose. One thing which I don’t usually mention is how important it is to stay curious. It’s hard to remember because curiosity is my life! I love discovering new things all the time… people, places, cultures, even jogging routes in my neighborhood.

If you’ve been told about a forest trail you’ve never been to before, the open-mindedness to venture there is what will get you face-to-face with those trees. The first several hundred metres is fresh and different and exciting. Slowly, one tree starts to look like another. You can either turn around, thinking that it’s boring and a waste of time, or you can walk further because you’re wondering what else lies ahead.

I recommend ‘open-mindedness’ for people to introduce themselves to the concept of going plant-based in the first place. And just like how curiosity keeps you walking through that forest trail, curiosity is what keeps the plant-based journey interesting.

Since dropping all animal-based products from my diet, I haven’t stopped learning about the different ways of making food fun, and chances are I never will. There are always new and exciting discoveries, not just by me but by people all around the world (does anyone remember how Aquafaba blew up the vegan scene a few years ago?)

Once you become a vegan and love the benefits it brings, it turns you into a foodie by default. There’s a desire to be constantly surprised by how amazingly diverse the vegan palate is. And as long as you stay curious, the desire is justly appeased, as much as it justly stays.

I hope you enjoy this video, and may your own curiosity lead you to doing some crazy things in life with no regrets!

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