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Cafe Scouting: Morgenstedet (Copenhagen)

Cafe Scouting: Morgenstedet (Copenhagen)

Being married to a Dane, I’m truly blessed to be able to experience the beauty of Copenhagen. One surprising thing to note, though. Unless you’re all up for salads bars, and they ARE on a crazy level of extraordinary here, it’s hard to find vegan food that stands out… With the exception of a town within town where dreams thrive, and this magical place is called Christiania.

Founded by hippies in the Seventies when they cut a hole through a fence to reclaim abandoned military grounds, Freetown Christiania is a wonderland of art, culture and all things unorthodox, a representation of the playfulness, depth and fortitude of the human spirit. It is worth visiting Copenhagen for this place alone, where a walk around its peaceful neighborhoods take you through forest patches, peculiar architecture, and folks who find comfort in simple pleasures.

It is in Christiania where I found one of my most favourite restaurants in the entire city. Morgenstedet, which translates to ‘The Morning Place’, started out just serving breakfast when it first opened. It has since become a haven for organic vegetarian food-seekers, with ingredients locally sourced wherever possible, and completely run by volunteers whose own ethnic backgrounds largely influence what’s on the menu for the day. It’s a given that eating out in general is a pricey pursuit in Copenhagen, but at least in Morgenstedet, the meals are slightly more affordable than most, and are wholesome enough to feel that you’re getting your krone’s worth.

A fab place to dine in the Danish summer, I recommend that you stop over this place for a unique Scandinavian experience.

Enjoy the video!


Fabriksområdet 134,

1440 Copenhagen,


Tel: +45 32956507

Opening Hours:
Tues – Sun: 12pm – 9pm

Closed on Mondays

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