Embracing the plant-based lifestyle in Malaysia

Cafe Scouting: Hello Baby, Singapore

Cafe Scouting: Hello Baby, Singapore

As a Malaysian, I always find it fascinating to make a visit across the causeway. Even though it is our neighbor and even once upon a time a part of Malaysia too, stepping foot in Singapore is like stepping into a completely different world. It’s a world of efficiency and innovation, yet still celebrates heritage and tradition.

Nothing explains this more aptly than finding a vegan fast food joint in Chinatown.

The founders of Hello Baby have found their niche exploring the exciting trend of plant-based eating and presenting it to an Asian cosmpolitan audience. Hello Baby is not their first venture. HRVST is their first venture and has been captivating the local community with its innovative menu.

It seems clear that HRVST was a consuming-enough project on its own, leading to the departure of Hello Baby just six months after its opening. However, I was very grateful to experience it during its short but memorable impact on the street food scene.

My anticipation was built around me reading a VegNews feature on Hello Baby a month earlier. When I was given a last-minute opportunity to travel to Singapore for work, I jumped at the chance to extend my stay and arrange a visit to experience what vegan fast food would be like, and also try out their treatment of the ‘Beyond Meat‘ burger.

As excited as I was, I was also very nervous. The last time I took a bite of beef was when I was 16 – twenty years ago! Was I going to gag? Throw up? And if I did end up liking it, how would I feel about it?

I got to sample the Chili Crab Sliders, the Beet and Egg Burger and the Ang Mo Burger featuring the Beyond Meat patty. Perhaps I was fangirling, perhaps the food was really as good as the hype, perhaps it was a mix of both. Everything was juicy and flavourful. And indeed, I was relieved to have not reacted negatively to the Ang Mo burger; it had the smell, appearance and texture of a real beef patty, but due to me being used to eating mock meat in Malaysia, the taste was not all too shocking and I actually enjoyed every bite. The food at Hello Baby did not disappoint.
Thankfully, the kiosk founders are continuing leaving their already indelible mark on the food scene in Singapore with HRVST, and I will be leaving the contact details below. For now, do enjoy the video that shows off the innovative trajectory that plant-based cuisine is on in this vibrant city.


#05-01 OUE Downtown Gallery,

6A Shenton Way,

068815 Singapore

Tel: +65 69207500

Website: abt-hrvst.com


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